Summit Chair and Speaker at „2013 C4ISR Summit“


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ABU DHABI // International defence experts have called on Arabian Gulf countries to establish military command systems able to exchange and share information at the click of a button.
The calls were made yesterday at the C4ISR Summit (Command, Control, Communication, Cyber, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) in Abu Dhabi.
The GCC secretary general, Dr Abdullatif Al Zayani, told the summit that the GCC was politically in unison and called for the countries‘ militaries to follow suit. „GCC countries have to be able to be integrated and interoperable to share intelligence and information and be ready to work together at a higher and more complete level,“ he said.
According to retired Col Ralph Thiele, the C4ISR concept is the provision of information, intelligence and knowledge to decision makers in order to provide for superior situational awareness and decision-making with regard to achieving desired effects.
„I suggested to the EU to get its act together in sharing information and being more interoperable, and this is my suggestion to the Gulf countries,“ Col Thiele said.